Monday, 15 November 2010

Union City - It's back! 13 December, Camden

After a hugely successful launch night Union City is gearing up for it's second night at the Camden Barfly on Monday 13 December.

Featuring live performances from indie-darlings Some Velvet Morning, More Light, More Power, the Watermelons and the return of London's "latest enfant terrible" Niyi, with contributions from performance poet Zita Holbourne, Nadia Idle from War on Want and John McDonnell it promises to be another massive night.

Some Velvet Morning

"Too much power in the hands of too few, be it corporate or political, will always do more harm than good."

Some Velvet Morning's new single ‘How To Start A Revolution’ is on the international trailer for ‘Kickass,’ the new Matthew Vaughn Hollywood blockbuster.  As if that's not enough they are to support the legendary Reef in London in December - and they're playing Union City at the Camden Barfly on 13 December. You'll never see them again in such a compact venue!

Their distorted basslines and pounding beats have woken up audiences around the world offering them a sound to believe in again - “You won’t fool the children of the Revolution!” 

Some Velvet Morning like to do things differently.  Recording live to tape, rather than computer in their large north London studio, the Fish Factory, the band have built momentum over the last three years with a series of radio friendly gems including BBC and XFM playlisted singles ‘Losing My Mind’ and ‘Propaganda’ from album "Silence Will Kill You" and "Resistance" from their Some Velvet Morning E.P.

Some Velvet Morning have taken their sound to the South of France, Russia and most recently Asia, where the band performed for 3000 fans as part of the Heineken Greenspace festival.

Some Velvet Morning continue to break new ground by veering away from the normal pop fodder of teenage crushes and heartbreak, preferring instead subjects such as religious tolerance, western political indoctrination and McCarthyism.

Join the revolution that started 'from the bottom of a garden shed.'

December's line-up


Too cool for school, genre-bending music – perfectly beat matching surf rock with hardcore-gabba and rap. Has to be seen to be believed!

London’s latest enfant teriible” Steve Lamacq, Radio 1


WATERMELONS  "Infectiously hooky indie pop, decent sing-along choruses reminiscent of Kings Of Leon and spiky Artic Monkeys guitaring, good enough to eat…" - Hope and Anchor, London.

Amazing audiences across the with their outstanding original material and catchy songs such as, “Dancing with the Wrong One” and “Wait”.

Their live performances are a contrast between professionalism and naivety that gives them a charm everyone will fall for. This is a band that loves to perform, loves their audiences - and knows how to have a good time!

“Fay [vocalist] is our totem animal, to describe her potty-mouthed massive-brained punk rock vibe we would have to go as far as to drop the word ‘fierce’ in there. Opps, we just did. – JUKE MAGAZINE.

MORE LIGHT MORE POWER: Dystopian experimental rock inspired by the magickal glamour and filth of London. With heavy hearts and diamond eyes they watched the towers fall against ashen skies, the new Kingdom has come and we sit at the feet of a dark empire….

With songs about 9/11, the harrowing reality of class and exclusion in Britain and the hollow desperation of our slave society More Light More Power’s message is a brutal but honest one. This band don’t play at having a punk sensibility, they are a natural progression of the raw angst and frustration of the punk ethic. With a truly original sound and fronted by underground icon K-tron aka Fayann Smith their live show is an intriguing assault of idealism and earnest emotional potency. Drawing from occult imagery, personal mythos and the world of illicit and illegal subculture their twisted aesthetic is more than a posture; it is a lived and unsettling invocation to protect them from the numbness of the world around them.


Zita is an award winning published and performance poet / spoken word artist. Zita has used her poetry to fight racism and fascism, performing at various Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism carnivals, concerts and rallies and to raise money for charity, co-organising and co-hosting this year Poetry for Haiti at the Poetry Café, London and performing at the TUC Concert for Haiti.

She has directed poetry performance for theatre and performed alongside dub poets Linton Kwesi Johnson and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Zita is a trade union activist – member of the PCS NEC, TUC Race Relations Committee, ACTSA NEC and co- founder and co-chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC).

Not all MPs are bastards - some are socialists, anti-war, working class and fighters for peace and social justice. John is. Be inspired!


Electric Dreams - playing the best in 80s/new romantic/goth/punk/new wave/EBM/synthpop

Monday, 30 August 2010

Union City, Camden Barfly, 25 October

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Resistance if Francis Bacon was in a band

“My Elastic Eye are on the verge of something rather special..can’t wait to see them live”
Princess Julia I-D Magazine

Darkly luxurious synthesised pop. Fractured through the broken lens of a cursed Berlin.

“live, they’ll be anything but dull” 
Some of it was true blog

Too cool for school genre-bending music – perfectly beat matching surf rock with hardcore-gabba and rap. Has to be seen to be believed!

“London’s latest enfant teriible” Steve Lamacq, Radio 1


A short and violent movement in 20th century art or electroclash for a new generation? You decide.

The Actionism playlist includes songs about assassination, nuclear apocalypse, bad drug experiences, Hillary Clinton, insanity, alcoholism, love, and pretty much everything else that matters. Synth-rock with influences ranging from Bach to Northern Soul, Kraftwerk and The Clash!

The legendary DJ Stix (Electric Dreams)